External & Thinking Dimension: Mindfulness Exercise

“FREE yourself from what you know,

and become ONE with the unknown”.

~Justine Paige


Living Beyond the False Self

Underneath all of our coverups, avoidances and compensations we all have secret negative beliefs about ourselves. These beliefs may seem invisible because they are so innately grounded into us as we developed them around the age of two. This core pain is coined as the “narcissistic wound” which develops when we realize we are separate from the unconditional love and security of our parents. Therefore we innately establish a “false core” or a reason to cope with the emotional damage. The reasons or assumptions can look like…”I am serparate because there  is something wrong with me…I have no value…I am inadequite…I cannot do…I am powerless…”. On the other side of this “false core” we also develop a “false self” which compensates for this wound by telling ourselves, “I HAVE to prove that I am perfect, that I can do it, that I am powerful, that I am worthy…”. Now these statements may seem like a positive, but they are only feeding our false self more and more and simply distracting ourselves for the root cause of this tug-a-war. To give you an example this is my core representation of my false-core and false-self…

False-core False-self Example

A great way to bring your unconscious “false core” or “voice of judgement” to your conscious awareness is to draw it!…This is an important exercise to realize that your voice of judgment comes from “without” and is NOT you. Take a moment to sit and think about what your voice of judgement is saying to you. Observe it, catch it in the moment, name it, and LET IT GO.taming-your-gremlin-mindmap

The purpose of this exercise is to understand your voice of judgment so you can acknowledge when it arises and eventually LIVE BEYOND IT. This part of the self in called “false” for a reason. It is a the limited part of the ego or “I”. IN the True Self there is no “I”, we just ARE. There is no way completely “heal” this core pain except for understanding that it comes from “without” us and if we live beyond this limited self we can understand that we still are and will always be CONNECTED TO THE ONE SUBSTANCE further protected by the unconditional love of the universe. Each of us are uniquely important, but there is no need to prove that. To reach our fullest potential we just “have” to BE.


Inspiration for this blog came from Steven Wolinsky’s III Volume series: The Way of the Human which goes into detail about his theory of quantum psychology and how to live beyond this limited self and reach our fullest human potential.