“Conspiracy” Against Humanity

I’m sure ya’ll have either played or heard of the game, Cards Against Humanity. This game had personally seen me through high school and college, and the many outrageous outbursts of hysterical laughs. I have always thought this game was ridiculous, but it wasn’t until about a week ago while playing CAH that I realized the title implied a game that is “anti” humanity. This thought triggered an interesting insight of observing our rude, judgement, playful and extreme nature. I thought have people always been this extreme or has our society developed this behavior?

The Ying Yang of Cards Against Humanity

This game is all about gimmick’s. It’s all about making fun of the normal, the famous, the unknown and the most absolute random things possible. The guys behind Cards Against Humanity even produced a controversial gimmick to protest Black Friday. They think the holiday is bullshit, so just to prove their point they chose to literally sell boxes of bullshit for $6 in which 300,000 people fell for their prams and received a box full of poop. More often than not humanity astounds me at our creativity to be as absurd as possible.

Currently our American society lives to make fun and judge others, this may be entertaining, but what affect is it having on our collective-consciousness and social interactions? Due to the divergence of the victim and the bully we are living in the extreme, resting on the poles of our dualist reality causing disorders, disease, disconnect and disempowerment. The “fool” has always been part of our nature, but where is the balance of entertainment and insult?…Unfortunately bullying is an increasing problem in our world today, which arises the question of the role of humor in our youth and the over all development of the Self.

“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.” ~ William Shakespeare