Uncertainty Principle

The search for the  true meaning of life has always boggled my mind because I know that I simply know nothing, and that everything I think I know is just a perception based on memories that I have conceived before. This all seemed like a jumble of trippy hippie talk until I discovered the uncertainty principle which basically describes that the position (x) and momentum ( p) of the smallest quantum particles in nature cannot accurately be located because the simple act of consciousness observing a particle changes its nature (appearance in space). Therefore the fundamental nature of our universe is fuzzy because it’s location can never truly be found. Furthermore, this quantum physics law brings to light that nothing can ever really be known because it is all subjective to the perceiver, suggesting that everything is essentially theory.

If you are intersted in this concept, The Hologprahic Universe is a beautfil read that describes our universe as, “a consciouness holorgram and reality is just a projected illusion within the hologram“. A hologram in its basic sense it an energetic grid made of patterns of sacred geometry that govern the form and reliationships between objects.

holographic universe

Everything is interconnected, shared and exchanged…It’s not a matter of “is this possible” but rather “are you ready to comprehend it”?


Find Balance Through Your Diet

I’m sure you have heard the classic saying, “you are what you eat”, as simple and silly as this statement may seem it actually rings quite true. Our mind and body are delicately connected through our instincts and logical choices. Hunger lies on the foundation of our instincts as it governs a major aspect of our survival. Therefore if this instinct is not mindfully moderated, our drive for hunger can take over our behavior leading to over eating, emotionally eating, and a lack of knowledge on what we are eating and what the energetic consequences are of said “food”.

Balance between the mind and body can be found by mindfully bringing awareness to what you eat by paying attention to:

How the food makes you feel ~

  • About fifteen minutes after you eat take note of if you feel tired/energized, depressed/content, bloated/satisfied…

How fast you eat ~

  • Take a moment before you eat to “bless your food with gratitude” as I like to say, and enjoy every bite as you bring your awareness to the taste, texture, smell and color of your food!

Why you are eating ~

  • Often it is in our habitual selves to binge out on salty, sugary snacks to kill the cravings after a stressful day. Begin to acknowledge when you fell this way and ask yourself, why am I eating? Am I actually hungry? and most importantly, will this food actually satisfy my hunger and fill me with the proper nutrients?…If not rethink your snack choices.

Our energy, mood, and overall healthy is hugely determined by our diet. Use food and your medicine, and eat the right dosages for the right treatments for your nasty eating habits!

Forgiveness is key when changing a habit, and remember that knowledge and balance are the keys to heathly living 🙂


Eastern Body | Western Mind

Ever pick up a book and miraculously have every page you open to synchronize with your life? Well that is happening to me right now with this revolutionary book called, Eastern Body Western MindThe author, Dr. Anodea Judith is well renowned for her writings on psychological, mythological, historical and spiritual insights on the sentient human potential. In this book she ties all her lifelong studies and passions into one educated theory on the development of consciousness through the Chakra System. Not only does she go into depth about each chakra and what it governs in the different aspects of the Self, but she also explains how excess and deficiencies of each chakra based on our development through life can cause certain disorders and imbalances both physically and mentally. To top it off, she gives insights on how to heal and open our nervous system so every part of our Self can flow in harmony. I reccomend this book to anyone who sees themselves walking the path to their higher self and searches for knowledge and balance.

Chakra system
Chakra system

Looking Back

Memory is a very curious thing. Sometimes it lasts, other times its gone in a second. Some memories haunt us and flood our reality and the slightest smell, sound or interaction can being us right back into that moment. Life is a full sensory experience, therefore our memory is not just mental but physical as well. Memory is a temporary subjective perception on the recollection of our experiences. Therefore, we have the power to control what we remember and how it makes us feel. Negative memories usually last longer and seem to reoccur more because negative memories threaten our basic instinct of survival. Unfortunately we can’t go back in time and undo these unsettling events, but we can change how we remember them. If we succumb to the threat of the memory, we are not growing from our lesson of life. We are remaining in the same karmic pattern trapped in our own web of fears. But if we focus on the memory, feel the experience fully and let it go, we can gain a hidden secret in the memory and live beyond the threat. Here we can begin to acknowledge our past, without fully falling back into the same rut. Memories can be used to our benefit and to grow from and use as a tool of actualization.

“We don’t knowing anything until we remember it…” ~ Alan Watts

Naropa University: a western school that teaches eastern wisdom

About ten minutes ago I was introduced a very unique university in Boulder, Colorado. Naropa Univeristy was founded by the well-known Tibetan Buddhist, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche in 1974. He had the vision of combining Eastern philosophy and wisdom with Western’s traditional education practices to redefine America’s education system. Today Naropa is pushing many boundaries in our normal method of education and offers degrees that are unheard of in this country like ecopsychology and a wide array of other therapeutic degrees like somatic and transpersonal counseling.grad-academics

Self View

The true journey to the Self begins once we ask the question “who am I?”, for this sparks a lifetime of curiosities that leads to experiences in which we begin to define how we carry ourselves and respond to the world around us. Around the age of two, children form the ability to identify themselves from their surroundings giving the first sense of self. During the stage of autonomy children begin to understand that they have the power to make their own choices that the struggle of will comes into play. Additionally, the development of language allows us to have a conception of past, present and future. At a young age we learn to express ourselves through grammar instead of purely absorbing and reacting to our environment. As we reach adolescence the real struggle commences as other various physical, mental and emotional aspects of the self blossom. We start to define ourselves sexually, and learn how to intimately share our energy with others.

Then the next big question arises, “what do I want to do with my life?” Well as I see it this is the most beautiful part of self-discovery. This is a time where we become self-sustaining, responsible, aware adults that are “contributing members of society”. This may sound rigid and boring, but to me being adult means having a self-defintion that is built on personal laws and values that govern how you live and what motivates you to live this life. I believe in an exitential self view that describes, life has no meaning until you give it meaning. In other words, YOU are the writer of your own story, YOU control how to respond to this world, and only YOU are in charge of defining who you are!

So, who are you?…