Creative Insight Journey

Ever ask the questions “who am I”, and “what is my purpose?” First off, thank yourself for asking those questions, and continue to ponder your search for meaning in this life because we are always growing and evolving so our focuses will change as well. My long time family friend and practically my second mom, Kim Herrlein has always been inspired by these questions in the ups and downs in her life and has made the best of her quest by fulfilling her purpose to help others find their own “way of life” through instructing the Creative Insight Courses.


“My teacher, Jennifer Grace, the headliner of this wonderful program first introduced the power of intentions by having us focus on breakthroughs we wish to see in our life. She then told us to attach a feeling to the intention being completed and work backwards to achieve this personal goal. My breakthrough by teaching theses classes is, ‘I feel fulfilled now that I am using video to share these tools of insightfulness with young adults’.” ~Kim Herrlein

The Creative Insight Journey was originally developed in the in MBA program at Stanford University by Dr. Michael Rayray-michael-l who observed a shocking average of young adults who did not quite have a sense of self and authenticity in the realm of the creativity and open-mindedness about their ideas. This program has revolutionized the art and success and is now used as transformational journey of self-exploration that has spread across the country serving people from the comfort of their homes while pushing their emotional and physcial boundaries to reconnect with their deepest values and goals. 

“In this 8 week course you will be unraveled, given tools to apply to your reconstruction, and then you will be put back together as a new you, with new intentions, and a new knowledge of answering your own questions by finding what works for you.”

In our recent talk Kim was bewildered on that fact that, “Statistically America is one of the most educated and privileged societies, yet it has some of the highest rates of depression and suicide among young adults and teens…we are missing something…it is a disconnect with the self. Currently were are diagnosing people with some sort of label, then giving them some sort of substance, instead of sharing tools with people that can help them balance their whole self from within…”  I find it to be our weakest link that as a society we don’t take care of the “Self”. We search for external goals brought by external expectations and further seek for healing from external aids. This program and the overall shift in self-awareness is a revolution that brings back the holistic approach to medicine of understanding the importance of the mind and body connection.

“You make the choices in your life. Always assess where your life is at in all aspects and ask, ‘is this where I want to be?’, and if not, ‘how can I change it’, if so, ‘how can I maintain it?’. Create the life you want for you and everything will fall into place.”


Uncertainty Principle

The search for the  true meaning of life has always boggled my mind because I know that I simply know nothing, and that everything I think I know is just a perception based on memories that I have conceived before. This all seemed like a jumble of trippy hippie talk until I discovered the uncertainty principle which basically describes that the position (x) and momentum ( p) of the smallest quantum particles in nature cannot accurately be located because the simple act of consciousness observing a particle changes its nature (appearance in space). Therefore the fundamental nature of our universe is fuzzy because it’s location can never truly be found. Furthermore, this quantum physics law brings to light that nothing can ever really be known because it is all subjective to the perceiver, suggesting that everything is essentially theory.

If you are intersted in this concept, The Hologprahic Universe is a beautfil read that describes our universe as, “a consciouness holorgram and reality is just a projected illusion within the hologram“. A hologram in its basic sense it an energetic grid made of patterns of sacred geometry that govern the form and reliationships between objects.

holographic universe

Everything is interconnected, shared and exchanged…It’s not a matter of “is this possible” but rather “are you ready to comprehend it”?

Self View

The true journey to the Self begins once we ask the question “who am I?”, for this sparks a lifetime of curiosities that leads to experiences in which we begin to define how we carry ourselves and respond to the world around us. Around the age of two, children form the ability to identify themselves from their surroundings giving the first sense of self. During the stage of autonomy children begin to understand that they have the power to make their own choices that the struggle of will comes into play. Additionally, the development of language allows us to have a conception of past, present and future. At a young age we learn to express ourselves through grammar instead of purely absorbing and reacting to our environment. As we reach adolescence the real struggle commences as other various physical, mental and emotional aspects of the self blossom. We start to define ourselves sexually, and learn how to intimately share our energy with others.

Then the next big question arises, “what do I want to do with my life?” Well as I see it this is the most beautiful part of self-discovery. This is a time where we become self-sustaining, responsible, aware adults that are “contributing members of society”. This may sound rigid and boring, but to me being adult means having a self-defintion that is built on personal laws and values that govern how you live and what motivates you to live this life. I believe in an exitential self view that describes, life has no meaning until you give it meaning. In other words, YOU are the writer of your own story, YOU control how to respond to this world, and only YOU are in charge of defining who you are!

So, who are you?…