External & Thinking Dimension: Mindfulness Exercise

“FREE yourself from what you know,

and become ONE with the unknown”.

~Justine Paige


Find Balance Through Your Diet

I’m sure you have heard the classic saying, “you are what you eat”, as simple and silly as this statement may seem it actually rings quite true. Our mind and body are delicately connected through our instincts and logical choices. Hunger lies on the foundation of our instincts as it governs a major aspect of our survival. Therefore if this instinct is not mindfully moderated, our drive for hunger can take over our behavior leading to over eating, emotionally eating, and a lack of knowledge on what we are eating and what the energetic consequences are of said “food”.

Balance between the mind and body can be found by mindfully bringing awareness to what you eat by paying attention to:

How the food makes you feel ~

  • About fifteen minutes after you eat take note of if you feel tired/energized, depressed/content, bloated/satisfied…

How fast you eat ~

  • Take a moment before you eat to “bless your food with gratitude” as I like to say, and enjoy every bite as you bring your awareness to the taste, texture, smell and color of your food!

Why you are eating ~

  • Often it is in our habitual selves to binge out on salty, sugary snacks to kill the cravings after a stressful day. Begin to acknowledge when you fell this way and ask yourself, why am I eating? Am I actually hungry? and most importantly, will this food actually satisfy my hunger and fill me with the proper nutrients?…If not rethink your snack choices.

Our energy, mood, and overall healthy is hugely determined by our diet. Use food and your medicine, and eat the right dosages for the right treatments for your nasty eating habits!

Forgiveness is key when changing a habit, and remember that knowledge and balance are the keys to heathly living 🙂