Mindfulness as Creative Healing

Mindfulness: “The Natural State of Mind”

The beginner’s perspective

The open mind

The way to the Self

With no worry about Time

Because all is HERE all is NOW

all is, not “I”

~Justine Paige

Artist: Justine Paige

Among today’s rising alternative therapies, the practice of mindfulness is being implemented into these various methods and additionally is being recognized for a wide array of lifestyle benefits including: HereandNow

  • Reduction of stress
  • Increase in confidence
  • Shift in perspectives
  • Deeper insight on personal values and inspirations
  • A sense of euphoria in daily life activities
  • Stronger feeling gratitude for this life

Join me in my first meditation session that I will be posting Monday, May 11th that will focus on Mindfulness and give you a couple exercises to carry with you whenever and wherever or simply NOW. 🙂


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