Uncertainty Principle

The search for the  true meaning of life has always boggled my mind because I know that I simply know nothing, and that everything I think I know is just a perception based on memories that I have conceived before. This all seemed like a jumble of trippy hippie talk until I discovered the uncertainty principle which basically describes that the position (x) and momentum ( p) of the smallest quantum particles in nature cannot accurately be located because the simple act of consciousness observing a particle changes its nature (appearance in space). Therefore the fundamental nature of our universe is fuzzy because it’s location can never truly be found. Furthermore, this quantum physics law brings to light that nothing can ever really be known because it is all subjective to the perceiver, suggesting that everything is essentially theory.

If you are intersted in this concept, The Hologprahic Universe is a beautfil read that describes our universe as, “a consciouness holorgram and reality is just a projected illusion within the hologram“. A hologram in its basic sense it an energetic grid made of patterns of sacred geometry that govern the form and reliationships between objects.

holographic universe

Everything is interconnected, shared and exchanged…It’s not a matter of “is this possible” but rather “are you ready to comprehend it”?


2 thoughts on “Uncertainty Principle

  1. Noel March 25, 2015 / 10:56 pm

    Interesting and worth our attention… Thanks .


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