Eastern Body | Western Mind

Ever pick up a book and miraculously have every page you open to synchronize with your life? Well that is happening to me right now with this revolutionary book called, Eastern Body Western MindThe author, Dr. Anodea Judith is well renowned for her writings on psychological, mythological, historical and spiritual insights on the sentient human potential. In this book she ties all her lifelong studies and passions into one educated theory on the development of consciousness through the Chakra System. Not only does she go into depth about each chakra and what it governs in the different aspects of the Self, but she also explains how excess and deficiencies of each chakra based on our development through life can cause certain disorders and imbalances both physically and mentally. To top it off, she gives insights on how to heal and open our nervous system so every part of our Self can flow in harmony. I reccomend this book to anyone who sees themselves walking the path to their higher self and searches for knowledge and balance.

Chakra system
Chakra system

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