Looking Back

Memory is a very curious thing. Sometimes it lasts, other times its gone in a second. Some memories haunt us and flood our reality and the slightest smell, sound or interaction can being us right back into that moment. Life is a full sensory experience, therefore our memory is not just mental but physical as well. Memory is a temporary subjective perception on the recollection of our experiences. Therefore, we have the power to control what we remember and how it makes us feel. Negative memories usually last longer and seem to reoccur more because negative memories threaten our basic instinct of survival. Unfortunately we can’t go back in time and undo these unsettling events, but we can change how we remember them. If we succumb to the threat of the memory, we are not growing from our lesson of life. We are remaining in the same karmic pattern trapped in our own web of fears. But if we focus on the memory, feel the experience fully and let it go, we can gain a hidden secret in the memory and live beyond the threat. Here we can begin to acknowledge our past, without fully falling back into the same rut. Memories can be used to our benefit and to grow from and use as a tool of actualization.

“We don’t knowing anything until we remember it…” ~ Alan Watts


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